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He stopped living a normal life, and that destroyed us.

He stopped living a normal life, and that destroyed us.
It started when he moved to my town and attended the college here. Normal people would get some student friends that they would go out on concerts and do student activities with. But my ex just started to skip school instead, and talked really badly about his classmates. He would complain about them, and find excuses for why he didn't get to know anyone. And then he sat at home in his apartment all day long, with the curtains shut, smoking in front of the computer. There was food, clothes, instruments and sheets all over the floor, though he was at home all day and could clean up. He never visited me, I always had to go and visit him. So after a while, when he was short of money, he would blame me for "eating" up all his money! So, I had the choice to either be home and live in a clean enviornment where I got food and attention, or to stay with him and not get any food at all and he only had one chair (so I had to sit on the messy floor). How can someone treat their boyfriend or girlfriend like this..? And he even blamed me for how his life was developing? After six months of this I couldn't stand him anymore, he actually made me sick, and I hated it when I even just touched me. Yes, he expected me to sleep with him and kiss him all the time though he treated me really badly! He left the city and went home for christmas, and we were still together. He stayed there for over a month, I sent him a big christmas present, but he didn't send me a thing. When I asked him when he would be back, he just said he wasn't sure. So his school started, and he still wasn't back. So he threw away his last chance of doing it well on school, and definitely doing it well with his girlfriend. At that time, I had loved him very deeply since I was 14. I was now 17. And believe me, I was so sick and disgusted of him, so the hate crushed the little love that was left big time! I gave him an ultimatum, though I knew I would break up with him anyway. I said that if he managed to go to school for a week, I would start to believe in him again. So what happened? He overslept the first day, then the second, and then the last one... So when I said to him that I had had enough, and that the experiment was proof of how much he really cared about me, he just said "oh, but I didn't think it mattered that much really". Well that says it all doesn't it? So I said that I couldn't be with him anymore, and he just went like "I thought we would be together forever". It just doesn't work that way now does it, you can't expect your partner to accept everything you do. It's not like you are their life and all that they depend on, they need to be their own person too, and they are after all just as human as you are.
And by the way, did I say that he cheated on me with his bestfriend, and she's always disliked me? Well he did! And the excuse? "I was really drunk, it just happened". And one other thing, he was more a parent than a partner, he always knew everything better than me, and always disagreed with everything I said. I guess it was because I had MUCH better grades than him, and I did really well at school and was class president and all... He had 190 hours of abscense in high school compared to my 2 hours. Some people just can't stand to feel inferior to their partner can they? And I never even made a big deal out of having so much better grades than him. Well there you go, my story about my hopeless and definitely quite stupid ex that I actually loved very much once...


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