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He sed we still could b m8s and he'd see me and i have never seen him since that day

i was surprised how quickly i fell in love with "marc." i had never been in love before and i knew this was it he was the one he was everything i wanted, nothing else mattered. I spent everyday with him for 4 months, he sed hed never leave me and i would be the one to leave him. It just so happened the week before we split up he cried because he thought i was going to leave him .So i thought everything was fine but i was wrong. He started acting weird like he didnt want me or something he wouldnt come near me i asked him what was the matter and he told me he didnt want a gf anymore i cried all tht night and to make it worse the next day he told me he couldnt leave me because it would destroy him. i felt so much better but later on that day he txt me and said he was sorry but he just couldnt be with me anymore cause he didnt want a gf. i was so heartbroken. He sed we still could b m8s nd he would come and see me and that and i have never seen him since that day. i cried for months on end every night i felt like i couldnt go on without him. I couldnt eat or sleep, all i coudl do was cry and think of him. It has been 4 months. Im still not over him i love him so much and there is nothing i can do about it. He has a new gf and i see them around somewhere it hurts so much i cnt explain it. All i want is to have him back, but i know i cant have him:(:(:'( i will alwayz love marc:( x ! .


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