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Recently, I decided that I am not the woman he needs anymore.

My ex-husband and I were live-in boyfriend and girlfriend at the start of our relationship; then, I had a child, a girl then he kept getting tired of us after 6 months at a time, so he sent us away. After a while he would come back and get us and I thought his sending us away was over and done with...we got married after two years of living together .I became really happy because I thought I had finally found "true love".After six months we got divorced; but, after the divorce, he wanted to try again;and, me still caring for him I let him do just that.We got married again then we had two more children. To make a long story short we now have three children of which I am the custodial parent;not because he didn't want them ,but because he didn't want to share with me. I think if he was willing to share;just as in marriage you are supposed to share, then we would have been able to still be a family. Now you would think that was the end of it;but, we still manage to sneak sometimes and be together. We don't look at it as sneaking but he is married again and he won't leave her. Recently, I decided that I am not the woman he needs anymore.


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