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guys reading this: at least tell the girl ur not interested

Well i had been really into this sexy guy for a while, and i was not gonna let him go without atleast trying for him. so I didi and it took a total of 3 grueling months to tlk to him (and we go to the same school wtf. so anyways, things were going great, we both started getting into eachother...after he nottcied me by me telling his friend i thought he was hot haha. ne ways, so i wnet to his house, we didnt kiss or do anything but the potential was there, defenate, undeniable chemistry. The next weekend i couldnt see him, and the next one (we saw eachother at school between classes everyday, but we didnt tlk to much then ust like a smile or a hi or something)there was a party. sh**ty we both got kinda drunk and were nearly ripping eachothers clothes off in the back seat of our friends car (we didnt, clothes stayed on, there were otehr ppl in the car drving home to). uhm lets see, school eneded and i saw him one more time at a fair.it was good cuz were werent under any kind of influence. i think i started really liking him there... and then we had exams and he never called me again after that night. turns out, he wasn't "into" me cuz i wouldnt put out very easily. he hooked up with three ppl that summer, and all of which were friends of mine he didnt know i knew...OUCH. so yea, it was a burn, and it made me feel like i wans't even worht a phone call. so i watsed 3 mothns trying to get him and 2 months trying to start seeing him. 5 months gone rrrggg guys reading this : atleast tell the girl ur not intrested!


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