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showed his true colors to his drinking problems and drug addictions

Well to start this story off I was with a guy for 4 LONG years. After I broke up with him. I was convinced I was DONE with relationships for quite some time! Well I was wrong. I worked 11pm-7am at a hospital. So I was working eating sleeping. Lost alot of friends never had fun and was probally to the normal persons eye completely miserable. Well my mom noticed it and decided to give this handsome well mannered guy my phone number. She told me about it and I cringed. I was only 18 yrs old. So anyway he called me up. I am extremely shy so I sorta blew him off. He called many many many times until he wouldnt take no for an answer. So we met up.. He was so into me...and I was shy and quite and never let him no howm uch I did really enjoy him. he always slept over and would go to work the next morning roses flowers.. cards... I quit my job because our squd. were oppisite. He continued to make me laugh..... we talkedo n the phone for 4-6 maybe even 10 hours at a time. weekends were spent with me. he was the firsto ne to tell me he loved me. Any way... I got another job working from 7 am to 3 pm....... slwoly.. he started showing signs of I dont know what to call it.... wouldnt stay on the phone formore than a couple of minuets... showed his true colors to his drinking problems and drug addictions....... weekends were without phone calls... He started calling me ugly.. fat when he knew my self esteem was already really low hit me... spit in my face... So I am guessing that I was playing hard to get.. not intentionally.. but I was so shy.. that it probally seemed that way.. When he got me.. he felt less interested i guess... hmm...


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