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But if you really love someone there is no such thing as being togther to long

Me and muh exboyfriend were going out for a year and three and a half months i was so in love with him and i still i am i wana be wit him but as he says were toghter to long. But if you really love someone there is no such thing as being togther to long. Bout 2 weeks before we had broken up he startd not answerin my calls , telling his mom to say he wasnt there wen i knew he was. So finally one night he answerd muh calls and i asked him if he even wantd to be with me anymore n he told me he didnt kno right then i startd cryin n i askd him as i cired why he didnt kno he said i wana be wit u cuz i love you n i dont wana lose you as a friend n then i said well why dont you wana be wit me n he said cuz i think we've been toghter to long right then i knew he never realie loved me so i told him i would do him a favor n i said it over i hope your happy now n hung up the phone i still see him everyday in school he just stares at me all the time so one day i calld him n askd him if he missd me he said yes then he said but he still wants to be single i said ok he said will probally get back toghter n a couple of months n i told him i didnt think so i wasnt guna wait for him to tell me we're toghter to long again i am not putting muh slef through the pain again n i hope u never have to go through that pain


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