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My story is a story I hope NO ONE has to go through ever

My story is a story I hope NO ONE has to go through ever!! Just a word to the wise...there are some things that people can't get over, and breaking up just helps you realize why you did it in the first place.
Basically, me and my ex boyfriend were together for 8 months. I think the whole time I was trying to convince myself i was happy....but i never really was. He drank constantly. Literally everyday. He ended up getting fired from two jobs because he came in drunk. About two months went by. We were planning on going on a trip to Florida. We ended up getting in a huge fight a week before the trip and broke up....at my expense, to say the least (I was the one paying). From here the story gets worse.
A week after us breaking up, I found out I was pregnant. When I told him he first reponded by saying I was lying so we could get back together. Then when he realized I wasnt lying he claimed it wasnt his. When he finally came to his sense and realized I WAS PREGNANT and it WAS HIS, he insisted i have an abortion. He said he wanted nothing to do with me and the baby and that he never wanted to see me again.
I went through him calling me names and much worse. After a days of this torture I decided the best choice would probably be to have the abortion. I really didnt want to deep down. But I knew that if I didnt, he would never be there for the baby, and I would not be able to finish school. The stress of having the baby with no one to help and trying to work and go to school full time would just be a mess. When I have a child I really want it to be with someone who loves me, and will want to be with me, or at least be willing to keep a civil realtionship so we can take care of the responsibilty of a child.
I am not advocating abortion. But in this case, it saved my sainty, my future, and the emotional stability of a child.
Take my advice, if you see signs early on in a relationship that he or she may not be the one for you, PAY ATTENTION TO THEM. They could save you from a lot of future grief. It may not be as bad as what i have gone through, but its better to just learn that to live with the consequences of everything.


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