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So much for ending it all with friendship.

My situation is similar to "He Gave no Warning - He Just Bailed" except that my gent dumped me with no warning and no explanation. I simply never heard from him again.

This gent and I met at a class reunion and started e-mailing/talking on the phone almost immediately. We had so much in common, past divorces, young children, hobbies, etc. He also seemed very considerate and soft hearted like I am. One of the main reasons I decided to go on a date with him was that my young husband recently passed away from cancer and this gent took the time to carefully grill my best friend to see if she thought I would be OK with him asking me out. He didn't want to stir up any pain or make me uncomfortable.

He lives in a neighboring state so we spent most of our "dating" talking on the phone. We talked for hours and although we physically only went out twice, we both felt like it had been much more than that. The last few times we talked, he tried to convince me to join him on a family vacation later this month and we informally planned some of our future dates together. I could really see this going somewhere.

So, when he came back from a two day trip to Mississippi as part of the hurricane evacuation effort and never called, never e-mailed, never responded to text messages, I was taken aback. I e-mailed him a couple of times and tried to call him on his cell phone (it rolled straight to VM and I wonder if he didn't have it set up to send any calls from me straight there...). He has not called me back. I haven't talked to him for close to a week.

So, here I'm still not completely over my husband's death (he died in March, 2005) and am feeling rejected and disrespected. If he didn't want to continue seeing me, all he needed to do was tell me. So much for ending it all with friendship. He took that option away along with my self esteem.



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