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but in april, he started ignoring my calls

My ex and I dated the summer before my junior year and I'm still not over him and I'm a freshman in college. We saw eachother a lot during the summer and talked over the internet. when school started, we saw less of eachother but we managed to keep in contact through phone and internet. He'd usually answer my calls, but in april, he started ignoring my calls and whenever his mother picked up, she said he wasn't at home, but I cold have sworn I heard his voice in the background. she sounded annoyed probably because I called so much. I kept calling for the next two weeks. The more obvious it became that he didn't want to be with me anymore.At the end of the summer I sent him an instant message asking for closure. It turns out that my ex was talking sh*t and he believed it because we rarely saw eachother.it was mostly because of my crazy mom not liking him. He could have been a man and told me about it, then we might have worked it out. He asked me out on a date, but never lived up to it. I guess he felt like a jackass for putting me through hell.


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