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not the greatest place to get dumped

australian solider ,

thought i had found love, just before flying home on leave to catch up with the parents, returned 3 weeks later,could only spend two weeks with here then back down the country for work,returned, two weeks later. started having the most fun l had ever had in my life, was so happy and nothing could seperate
connected like have never connected with a chick before, untill the notice to move came out, off to serve in iraq,6 months, was willing to give it all up to be with her, the medals, and the 50 odd Gs we get , promises we exchanged, and she ensured me she would be waiting for me when i return , gave me a reason to keep my head down and not get shot.......
. ringing just about every second day the relation ship lasted only 33 days in the deployment, now, im still over in iraq, 4 months later, with a heavy heart, alone, with another 2 months to go yet ,

not the greatest place to get dummped, with all the danger and events over here, feels like l have no reason to return ,

so alone,


the greatest thing you will ever learn
is just to love and be loved in return...


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