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somewhere between home and the ocean i lost my perfect boyfriend

Me and my bf were together for almost 4 years. we started going out pretty young, so there was the "i will never leave you" and the "i am going to marry yous" and the "I could never cheat on yous" Well..i believed it as we said it, but as we got older we cheated on eachother and everything went to sh*t. we eventually worked things out, although we never should have been back together, and we were together again. Things between us had never ever been any better than they were. We graduated from high school, and one night my dad asked if we wanted to go to hawaii with him for a month. Well, of course!! Up until the day we left everything was perfect. But, it seems like the second we landed in hawaii, it changed. somewhere between home and the ocean i lost my perfect boyfriend. he would sit far away from me or just not talk, it hurt. then, we finally talked about it, and he told me that he was sorry and he knows he needs to start treating me better. it did get a little better. but, we went home, and two days later he broke up with me. i have honestly never been hurt so bad in my entire life. I dont even know what the problem was to begin with. Now he treats me like i am, and never was anything to him. worst of all, he helped me pick my college, to be closer to him. for the next four years, i will be 10 miles away from what i honestly thought was the love of my life. and he tells me he hates me everyday.


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