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She Pressured Me then Lied About Me

I had a nice girl friend. I thought she was a nice person, but it turned out I was wrong. She always told her friends that i was a jerk and that I hated her. Although it may seem like I am too one sided, this is a true story. She would make fun of me, but i always thought that was her humor (all of her comments hurt, and I did tell her to stop). We went out for about three months and things got better. Unfortunatly, we started getting more intimate, doing things that should be done in mariage. I was a virgin, she was not. She would always pressure me for it, while i wanted to hold up my religious beliefs. I gave in because i thought she would love me more; which ended up not working out. I broke up with her after i told her repeatetedly that I did not want to continue doing these things till mariage. Now she goes around telling my friends (some of our friends know each other) that she broke up with me, and that I only used her for sex.

Because I am a male, you will probably think that I was the one pressuring for that. If you belive if so be it. The only forgiveness I want is from god.; But your support will only help me get through these times.


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