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it hurts my heart when he told me "let me go"..I felt like dying

One year and a half love or waste?

I was going out with a guy Anthony for over a year. I admired him the first day I saw him...So the full year we went out was our senior year in high school..we met our junior year. So I was like totally crazy for him & now since he left to college..he differed..I was his first girlfriend..and I had a 4 jerks in the past. I was seriously in love with this guy Anthony..It made me realize how much I reget loosing my virginity in the first place. Because I wanted that to be special with us. So yeah I guess he's so confused now that he doesnt want to be with me bc I treated him bad. As much as I can rememeber I know love your not suppose to count your faults..but I feel like the only reason my faults accured was because he wasn't being true to himself..He told me yesterday that he never really wanted this relationship..He feels as if I'm stopping him from doing what he likes doing ..(partying..drinking..)like for all you girls reading how much would you love your boyfriend to do it all the time..This is my opinion I know I had my past issues I just fell to hard for this one..And it sucks now ..I'm getting over him, and he's going to be the sad one in the end. The only thing I ever did waslove him..I'm sorry he's confuses ..going on to college and such ..I dreampth that maybe we would one day be together forever. I hope it goes to the conclusion that..if he wnated to see if he wanted someone else..he wandered but realized nothing was left.. except me. I'm here now I'm here forever for him. This sucks..That I can't stop thinking I can't stop crying ..Since the day he left for college I couldn't stop. It's so hard. I wish everything was back to normal. I want everything to be okay. I just don't want another guy..I wanted him and it hurts my heart when he told me "let me go"..I felt like dying..was everything we went through even real?? He had NO emotion what so ever when I was crying on the phone (which i know now is a no no..bc your not suppose to show your weakness..and he is not my weaknesss..he just hurts me every possible way..but it was impossible for me to stop crying my love was changing into some kind of starnger :( ) And the day he said those words I just don't have an appetite anymore .


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