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Then I broke up with my boyfriend who was a jerk

After two and a half years, he said he needed a break, and that no other girl was inovled. That "break" turned into a breakup and I soon found out there was a female catalyst. Jilted, I cut off contact. Occasionally (when things weren't going so well the new girl I assume) he would email me and rant of confusion, saying he didn't want to get my hopes up but things were just not the same with him and the new girl, and that he would always love me (in some capacity) and all that bull. Weelll fastforward a year from our breakup. I unblocked him to have him answer a question about some program he wrote for me, (which only he could answer, of course) and he was all buddy-buddy and happy to be unblocked. I find out new girl jilted him. Anyway, I was with someone at the time, and as pathetic and immature as this is-- I was glad karma bit him in the ass. So it seems.

Then I broke up with my boyfriend who was a jerk and starting brewing hopes that the ex would come back around... after all he had hinted at it in emails. But he stopped contacting me so frequently, and then, at our rec softball game, I found out why. He took her back! He had the balls to bring her to the game. (we play on the same team, small county, small world). The fool. Oh well. They are truly meant for one another, being both fake, selfish and manipulative. I was my hands of them.

But I can't help feeling lowly and unloved and alone right now. I thought I was over it and I cried the whole way home.


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