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I have not talked to him or seen him since he called me a whore.

It was from a movie--we met--we hated each other--we met again--we fell head over heels in a very short time. We used to talk on the phone for hours...he used to write letters...he was in the military...I was finishing school. My last year was really stressful but we saw each other almost every month. He would buy me plane tickets...and stay at my apartment when he came into town, even though his family and friends were here.

Then...I found out...and this was after the first month...not through him...but through his friend...when he got back from Iraq...he got his ex pregnant...she was keeping the baby. I was upset...furious...embarrassed...EVERYONE knew but me...ok...it was hard...but it was before me...one time flings happen...and not everyone looks at pregnancy the same way I do...fine we work through it. I will say I wasn't the easiest one but I tried so hard...beat myself up over it because I had so much anger at this tiny bundle and this woman I never met--I developed a depression issue--

The baby comes--he doesn't go visit it for a long time...claiming it's work...claiming he can't...I thought it odd but I loved him and didn't want to push him. We are still dating...he can't come in town for my birthday but promises to make it for my graduation. Then he finds out that he can get a better deal if he misses my graduation he can stay longer...I say it's ok it's not that important...in that time I see old friends celebrate...he doesn't call for a week...when I see him on-line he accuses me of being unfaithful...calls me a whore...I get upset...he calls...he says he doesn't know if he's coming into town at all.

He does--and I find...in the same span it took for him to knock that woman up and find me...he has found another and is whispering sweet nothings and promising rings in less than a month. I have not talked to him or seen him since he called me a whore.


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