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I couldn't go anywhere. We went to parties but he ended up hitting me or just being abusive

I was dating a guy "j" for about seven months. When I first met him I thought that he was the most awesome guy I ever could meet! Well we started seeing each other. 2 months later I moved in with him (bad mistake) from there I was banned for any phone usage, banned from seeing friends and family, banned from using cars, practially a prisioner. From there on it got worse he went out alomst every night to the bar, I couldn't go anywhere. We went to parties but he ended up hitting me or just being abusive. So one day I left to see my mom, while doing that I ran into an old friend, had some drinks, and things got carried away. I went back to "j" because I thought alone time would help! Wrong!! He got more abusive. Just the thought of leaving him for good was behind the back of my head, I couldn't because he said that he would kill me or hurt me some kind of way. Finally, I told him I cheated on him, he beat me. Finally I left for good.... Days later he tried calling me to tell me he's sorry and forgives me, but why should I be put into that reltionship again, so I had to do what's best was to change my cell phone number and move on! Since this day I still see him around, but aint never ever going back!


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