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hahahaha!!! she didnt ever deserve him anyways!!!

this is not my story but a friends story..... i had met this guy friend thru my boyfriend, well shortly after i met him i introduced him to this girl that was living with us since they were both single. well i thought everything was great for them until she confided in me that he was going to start paying her bills--they had only been together for two weeks!!! anyhow she moved out, and moved back in with her mum and dragged this poor boy with her!!! we moved as well and ended up losing contact with him. until a few weeks ago. come 2 find out she had started so much crap between him and his family and friends that no one would speak to him but us!!! in all this she also made him lose his job by going to his work and starting crap!!! also his dad had passed away and he had gotten a $19,000 dollar inheritance and she spent it all with her family!!! her dad even quit working when he got that money!!! lazy leaches!!! to top it off she broke up with him after he bought her a place to live by telling him" i want 2 see other people and i want u 2 pay my bills even tho we aint 2gether!!!" some girl huh? to top it off she is saying awful things about him 2 everyone we know!!! she is the biggest b-word ever and guess what-its her stupid loss now bc hes got another girl whod do anything 4 him now!! hahahaha!!! she didnt ever deserve him anyways!!!


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