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My friends told me," Look, this man is married." I doubted them.

I was at work one day, when this man came up to me. He was operating an elevator, which is what I was doing that same day. We started some small talk, and at the end of our shift we exchanged numbers. I got to know him quite well. We had a few things in common. We share the same birthday, I live in the building where he has lived in for years, and our personality/moods. My friends at work saw that we were getting closer, and right away came up to me, and told me to break all ties with this man. They told me he had children. I already knew that he has 2 kids, but later on he told me that he really had 5 kids. My friends told me," Look, this man is married." I doubted them. They said he brought his wife to work one day and introduced her to them. I still doubted them. I believed that they just did not want to see me happy, and I just totally got into defending mode for him. This man drove me home from work everyday. He came to a few places with me, but we never went on dates. Once he promised to pick me up from home to go see a movie, I got ready and was so excited. HE NEVER CAME. One night he promised to pick me up from work. HE NEVER CAME. One day he was supposed to visit me. HE NEVER CAME. One night he was supposed to meet me at this club, and for the whole night all I did was look out because....HE NEVER CAME. His excuses to these incidents were," Sorry my son...." "Sorry I forgot...." "Sorry I had to pick up my family from the airport and...." The funny thing was that I always believed him. I was hurt and mad, but always forgave him.
When he was driving me home one day, his cell rang and he answered. I plainly heard a females voice on the line. I was in denial, and thought to myself, that it could be his mother, kids mother, sister or daughter. But I was still mad at him. We did end up having sex 2 times. Both times in his car. Never at his place, or in a motel or something. My place was a no no, because I live with my mom. Then all of a sudden my friend had told me that he was only at work for a limited amount of time. I went up to him and asked him. He said that there was a possibility that he and others were getting laid off. I couldn't believe this. He said not to worry, because we would still see each other outside of work. He even gave me a ring, earlier in this relationship. Which I always wore on my ring finger. The time came when one morning, he was no where to be seen. Two weeks passed and I finally got a phone call. I NEVER ANSWERED. BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THAT GOD GAVE ME THOSE TWO WEEKS TO THINK ABOUT THIS ASSHOLE, AND A BUNCH OF I TOLD YOU SO'S FROM MY FRIENDS. My friends did not even want me around them anymore. I decided to call him. HIS NUMBER WAS NO LONGER IN SERVICE. I have never seen or heard of this man again. It's like he got wiped off the face of the earth. It hurt me really badly. I know that I should give other men a chance, but I can't. I am also only 24 years old, and I have given up on relationships, and he was only my second. He was 37 or 38 years old.


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