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a leaf of my journals in my life. i will get over him.

I met him through a mutual friend and was so attracted to him because he seemed like the perfect gentlemen. He was the first guy I'd been with and being in a foreign land with few friends around me, I was really vulnerable to his smooth approaches. I thought I could make him love me by making myself the kind of person he would enjoy being eith but nothing seems to endear me to him and all he saw between us was sex and companionship until after he grauduates and moves away. He told me that he will see other girls whenever he goes back home for the weekends and break and says at least he's honest about it. it hurt me to know that he didn't value my feelings for him. i am trying to pick up the pieces and it's hard because i crave his companionship. i despise myself for being so weak and i am trying to tell myself two can play the game... but i will not resrt to sleeping around like he does, the only way i could play the game is to treat him as a fling as he does me. i will treat this as an experience in my life as a grad student in a foreign land, a leaf of my journals in my life. i will get over him.


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