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but i'll get over it one day. again. right??

well i met my ex two years ago and we went out and broke up a million times. and well im goin into 10th grade and i seen him for the first time in months and well we talked. he wanted me back so me bein dumb i took him back just to see how it would be. i was completely over him but the feelings came back when i talked to him. and i got that feeling in my stomach. that feeling where it hurts but i dunno if its butterflies or my stomachs in knots. i waited for this day forever the day where my phone would ring and it would be him. and i finally got it jus when i was over it. but then everything was cool for the first two days and he was supposed to come over. well yea he dicked me over and its been three days later and i still havent talked to him. im not surprised and im not heartbroken. just mad for fallin for him again. i knew i made the wrong decesion and its buggin me. but ill get over it one day. again. right??


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