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I know she doesn't look as good as I do and she won't make him as happy as I did. It's his loss.

Three years of my life has been put behind me. I have loved and lost before but it didn't hurt like this one did. It all started when I came home from work one day to find my boyfriend sitting on the couch with another girl at our apartment. Let me say that I was the one paying the bills and giving him gas money and things like that because he was in school and I didn't want him to quit. I didn't trust that situation but we got through it so I thought. I never really forgave him for it so I always held it over his head a little. It took him awhile before I could trust him. It took approximately 1 year. We really didn't have any other problems then. Last year he decided to start his own business. He knew that would put a strain on us but thought the relationship was strong enough to handle it. We lost our apartment because I couldn't afford to keep up with our lifestyle anymore. We both moved in with my mom and stayed there for a couple of months. I wasn't happy at all. I always said that I wouldn't move back home and I dind't have a choice. I got depressed because he was never home. He was always working. He was always going to meetings and things in the evening when we should have been together. I got a bad feeling in my stomach and I started to accuse him of cheating on me but I didn't really have any proof. One day I was on the computer just going through deleting emails and things that were just taking up space and I found an Instant Message that he saved from a conversation that he had with another woman. He told her that he was miserable and that he wasn't happy in the relationship he was in. He said that he would rope the moon for her if she would let him. They talked about meeting up and hooking up. I called one of our mutual friends to see what I should do. She told me to confront him about it and see what's up. I did that night and he pulled his same thing saying that he was sorry and that he didn't do anything and that nothing would happen because he loves me. Well we decided to have our friend from Ohio come down and visit. While she was here he paid her so much attention. More than he has paid me within the last year. He was buying her things left and right. I didn't say anything but I figured that she came down here to hook up with him. I had a gut feeling that he wanted to be with her but didn't want to let me know. From the beginning he always said that he can't do the breaking up because he doesn't like hurting people. I made him promise that if he didn't care about me anymore that he needed to tell me because I am the kind that will try to make it work no matter what. I finally got fed up with stuff and told him that it was over. I told him that I didn't need his negativity in my life, I dind't need him to talk bad about me, I didn't need him to say that I looked bad. He just wasn't helping me in any way except to make me feel worse about myself. The week before I ended my relationship with him I went to a club and that was the first time I had smiled and had fun in almost 6 months. I met a gentleman there that knew right off the bat that I had a boyfriend and that I wasn't going to do anything. He has now become one of my best friends and is helping me through this now. I have to admit that it did hurt when I broke up with him but now it has been about 3 weeks and I haven't felt so free in 3 years. I am back to my old self and my family and friends couldn't be happier. He can have our friend all he wants because I know she doesn't look as good as I do and she won't make him as happy as I did. It's his loss.


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