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A Big Mistake

I am a senior in H.S. and i dont need to be bothered with this much drama. His mother was visiting, which i knew there was already something wrong. he's a 19 year old guy that when his mother comes he cries because he doesnt want her to leave. anyway we were at the movies and at the time i can admit that i was jealous and didnt want to see this one movie. In the beginning of the movie as i was seated next to his mom i started crying cause i was having just one bad day. So i got up and called my sister to come pick me up.

The next day while i was at work i texted him and wanted to come over to say that i was sorry for leaving. He finally texted me after 20 tries and said "Stop calling me! The realationship is over and that is how it is gonig to stay." i was so caught off guard. This was a small fight.

I went over to his house and at first he wouldnt let me in. Finally when he did his mother peeked her head out from his room and starting screaming at me. This little old lady i was so nervous to be around starts freaking out at me. And of course i am his first girlfriend which i should have figured why, because his mom is a PSYCHO. anyway i was crying my eyes out while she was up in my face screaming at me.

I left and had my parents come get me. 2 weeks later we decided to meet. things went well he flirted with me and because i missed him so much i flirted back. We kissed eachother even though i knew it was wrong because of what he did to me. But we met again 4 days later at his apt. we ended up fooling around and he said that he had a lot of feeling for me and wanted to ease back into the realtionship, keep in mind this on V-DAY feb 14. so he drives me home and says he'll talk to me the next week.

well it was getting late in theweek so i went to his apt. and left a note on his door, the next moring i go over to say "hey" and he runs out of his apt. away from me. i catch up to him and he just tells me that "i want to be alone" and it was a mistake to have me over, after he said that he still had so many feelings for me. i just left


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