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because she was jealous, and had me thrown in jail three times. (Yes, THREE!)

I just got out of jail this morning (again) because of my ex... again. We met three and a half years ago and at first she was sweet, fun, wonderful, and adorable. But she soon showed her true colors after ensnaring me in her web of deceit. I would have had more resolve in leaving her for good had we not had two children together. But she has made my life hell. She's lied to me, cheated on me, tried to screw up my close friendships because she was jealous, and had me thrown in jail three times. (Yes, THREE!). The first time I admit I lost my temper when she started physically attacking me. I defended myself very angrily, and she called the police and had me arrested for domestic assault (though I DID NOT hit or attack her, I did physically defend myself, but should have instead just left the premesis!!) The second time we had another explosive row, and she ended up getting hurt by her own accord, but she called the police and lied. She later changed her story numerous times (I was incarcerated of course before the trial, and as she missed me, her story changed more and more until she had to make a choice on whether she'd tell the truth and likely be charged with filing a falce report, or stick with a story and keep me charged. Of course, she chose to send me to jail again.) This last (and I DO mean last) time, we were still broken up, but as usual she was teasing me with tantalizing words and flesh, and we were in the process of making up yet again, for about the 47th time! One night I went to her house (her door was unlocked) and crawled into bed with her. She didn't want anything to happen, so we just talked for a while about the children, and then eventually we got into an argument again. Feeling my anger rise, I made a scathing comment about her lack of cleanliness in her apartment where our children lived, and left. About an hour later, the police showed up to arrest me- my psycho ex had gotten revenge by telling them I broke into her house and attempted to rape her. Luckily, her story was carefully looked at this time due to her lies last time, and what she said did not add up, so I was only charged with violation of probation. Nevertheless I'm free now, both from jail, and from her. I obviously can't have anything to do with her or she'll get "revenge" by trying to ruin my life. I just don't want her to start using the kids to manipulate me, as she has done the numerous times we've split up in the past ("If you're gonna be THAT way, you can't see the kids!" when she's mad, or "The boys miss their daddy, they cried all day" when she starts wanting my attention again, or some other story when she wants to go out drinking abd wants me to watch the kids for her.)


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