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Unstable Ex

Okay well it started about 10 months ago. I met this girl i thought was the greatest we started going out after a month we said i love you and started having sex mind you both of us only being 16 then about 4 months into it she breaks it up i say alright and get ready to move on. But we seem to meet up at a party and later have sex that night she asks me back out and says it was a big mistake i say yes like a fool we go back out for 4 more months she is advanced and a senior so she is going off to college soon and says she needs to end this so she doesnt have to be tied down i say alright she says maybe we can hook up later just let me have some senior fun i said alright.

after one month i ask what is up she says she doesnt see us ever hooking up again. so i go and find a date that my ex hooked me up with. then my new gf and i start going out and my ex asks me out i said no then for about 2 more months she give threats she is going to beat my new gf up and that sheis going to kill her self if i dont go out with her.

she tried 2 times to kill herself both times running back to me and trys to say i care for her or i would have let her die. finally had to get a restraint order to keep her away.


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