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when i see him that day, im going to smash an egg on his head

i met "Chris" at my cousin's birthday party in september. him and chris were best friends. i hadnt talked to chris for awhile, and got less interested in him, and then i started talking to chris on the phone a lot in january and february, because my cousin gave me chris's phone number. Chris and me talked all the time online, and sometimes on the phone. Chris knew i liked him-a lot. he would never admit that he liked me, but somehow, i could just tell that atleast a little bit of himself, really really really liked me, by the way he always acted to me. whenever we were online, we talked on an online game called runescape, because he didnt have aol instant messanger. it took a long time for a person to get money on that game, and lots of hard work, and everytime i made money, i would give it to chris, because i had felt i loved him so much. i always gave him every little cent i had. his friends always told me that chris was using me for my money, but i just never wanted to believe them. Chris and i had gotten so close, but then one night in june, it was pretty late, so chris was tired and he said "i need money!" and i said, "what?" and chris said, "give me money" and im like "omg are you really using me for my money, like everyone says?" and he said, "if i said yes, would you still give me money?" i yelled at him and we got into a big fight. we fought until july. my cousin would be like sometimes, "you know, you shouldnt be so mad at chris for using you for your money, its just a game" and i would say, "its not about the money, its about the fact that he used me". whenever i was playing that game, and chris would sign on, i wanted to talk to him so much, but then again i didnt, because i really wanted to hate him, but part of me still felt like i loved him. the days that we fought, or didnt talk to eachother at all, felt like hell. i couldnt stop thinking about him. i felt like i wanted to cry all the time. in july, chris apologized and asked if me and him could be just friends and i finally forgave him, but i knew i wasnt gona give him anymore money. i still really loved him, but i didnt want anyone to know-especially him. we stayed friends and talked like friends until august first. chris always talked about this one girl, who he really liked and said really liked him. her name was misty. he said she was exactly like him, except a few minor differences, like he was a boy and she was a girl. he would send me stuff about her and then say "oops, sorry, that was for someone else", pretending he sent it to me on accident, but i think he sent it to me on purpose, just to get me jealous. well, it worked. i was very jealous. that day, me and chris got into another fight because in the past, he told me some things, and just a couple days ago, my cousin told me they were lies, so me and chris started fighting about that, and then he brought up stuff about my friend dustin, and then he started talking about misty, and how she was 100 times better than me. it really hurt. a lot of the things that he said, really hurt me. i acted as if i didnt care about misty or chris, but i really did. i wanted chris so much, and he never realized it. plus, chris was gona come with me and a few of my guy friends to the movies, and he says hes not coming anymore unless i give him more money. im planning on taking up his offer, but when i see him that day, im going to smash an egg on his head. it really hurts me about some of he things he said. god, i wana hate him so much, but i cant help but still love him. It's the hardest thing i'll ever have to do, to turn around and walk away pretending i dont love him anymore.


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