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he wouldnt even talk to me until i got the dna test yeah it was his

i met him at a carnival 3 years ago whaen i was 14 and he was 17 he lived 45 minutes away so we just became real good friends we talked like everyday and occasionly hung out when he'd go to his cousins. he was like theperfect person to talk to we understood eachother so much. he had a gf when we met (but obviosly wasnt that much into her if he was tryin 2 holla at me at the carnival)ANYWAY when turned 18 he got his liscense he started comin over every weekend and that turned into evveryother day and then it turned into everyday.one day when he seen me with my male friend he flipped on me but the funny thing was we werent even dating yet but that day he admitted he liked me and i did to thats the day we hooked up. and it was so good to we started havin sex and omg with him it was so good!!!!!!!!!
but he started gettin psyco like accusin me of stuff i didnt even do and he didn't "allow me" to talk to any of my male friends. he made my life miserable but i... i loved him. then when iwas 16 i got pregnant. it was tuff havin to deal with my parents s**t but he was there 4me i had the baby and named her k* then he DENIED her!!!!!! he wouldnt even talk to me untill i got the dna test yeah it was his then he said he didnt want me anymore that i was to fat now and he has a skinnier bitch he makes me soo mad he wont even take care of my baby i still love him soooooooo much but i dont know why maybe i just miss how i could talk to him about anything i dont know i wish we never hooked up we wouldve been soo much better off if we just stayed friends!!!!!!!


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