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he never did love me or care for me!

I was dating my ex and it was almost gonna be a year next month until i found out he cheated on me he jus moved to a new house and i thought he was busy and couldnt see me, but one saturday we see eachother and he asks to use my cell phone so i say yes and i was wondering why he was taking a long time so i go to see who he was calling and rite when i walk in all i hear him say is i wanna see whats up with you, not only that the peron sounded like a girl and i told him and he said no its not so i check my phone bill about 9 days later with no phone call from him and find out that it was another girls number and he lied to me and also he was with her the same day i called not only that when ever i try to call him he never returns my calls and doesnt call at all, i cry every nite for him not only did this incident happend he had a cell phone he never told me about and gave it to other girls except me his girlfriend and he never called me or visited me for a couple of months that we were together because supposely he was so busy with work but he had time to see another girl and go to parties, i also noticed that we hadnt seen eachother in four months and when we did for the first time he bought a box of rubbers in a pack of 3 we only used 1 the next time i saw him the whole box was empty but he still claimed that he didnt do anything not only that he accused me of cheating on him the whole time we were together this is hard for me because he is the first and only guy i have been intimate with, but he wont call me after i found out he lied, honestly he didnt care when i told him it was over and how much he hurt me because he never did love me or care for me!


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