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Trying to raise/pick up myself because i have depleted to the lowest worth one can exist

Is there such thing as liking someone so much, yet its not exactly love? How ever you like this person so much (please note that its NOT love) that you'd be willing to change just for them? Well that was the case between me and my ex-boyfriend [Lets call him Clain.]. We live in the same neigbourhood, infact we both live in the same apartment building. He lives on the first floor while i'm on the third. I see him around the complex, but never really noticed or acknoledged him, because for one thing, we are very diffrent people. He's the "bad boy" kind of guy. He hustles, drugs, party, girls, rebel to parents and all bad boy stuff. While on the other hand i'm the "good girl". I listen to my parents, i didn't do drugs, i was clean, don't do alcohol, no "dirty" high school parties, all good girl stuff. Anyways one day we just started playing soccer together. You know what happens next. We started going out, hangin out alot, he walks me to school, talk a lot, chill in his room etc etc... I'll spare you the boring details and get to my point... My point is, in the middle of our "relationship" i started to become like him. i Started talking bout drugs so much, using them and selling them. I started to disobey my parents thus resulting to losing their trust to me and in parties i get so wild i do anything. I start drinking just for the heck of it... I did all this cuz i thought that's what Clain wanted me to do. However i found out much too late that i he doesn't want anybody like that. He just want "somebody to just chill with". Now its been 3 weeks since we broke up- i broke up with him. I am over him... but i can't deny the fact that i still do have some feelings for him though not very great. However my life that was changed/affected by him -My changes because i liked him so much - is crazy. I'm trying to rebuild my reputation as a good kid. Trying to raise/pick up myself because i have depleated to the lowest worth one can exist. So far... my effort for changing back to my "old self" (as my friends call it) is not very noticable.


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