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then suddenly we're together...my dream having a boyfriend was granted

I am traveling....working far from my family,but im with my mom,im not grew with her she's working also.me and my mom always argue-ing...away from your friends is so difficult,my life here before is so boring after work im going home that's my life cycle...suddenly i met a guy,thats my ex-boyfriend i met him in my birthday party my friend introduce him to me that time i feel strangers,after one month i met him again.He said he tried to find me to see me again to have talk,but he dont see me.then suddenly were together...my dream having a boyfriend was granetd...im shopping with him holding hands.....sharing our toughts...were so happy,he always makes me laugh,im celebrating the christmas,new year with him,insted with my mom,that time he thanks me,he said this is the first time he celebrate a christmas eve with a girlfriend...im pround on what he said...all i experience with him.they said if you want your boyfriend dont dumped you,give the things that make them happy and the things that they can say i am a man to be proud.its so un-fair.i try to give it to him its so funny...the first time i give it to him,its so hurt thats why its not done,im crying...he stoppped.i thank got for that and to him,and then i noticed that his cold to me...i ask him to have sex with me,but he said give it to my husband to be,im angry...after one week he dumped for a simple reason...he said its hard for me and to him...he told me that,im getting angry if he cant go to see me...yes i do,because i miss him...he kiss me before he go im crying when he turn back,i told him that i cant i will miss him,he said we can still meet on the same place just space between us...he still leave.he go not looking at me..its so hurt.as he said we see each other again....like a normal one,some times he kiss....we're still like a couple,he's still sweet to me......then one time were having fun in my friend house were drunk.i


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