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You are nothing more than a pathetic liar! And I hate you!

She deceived me from almost day one!
The only person I've ever loved (or thought I did) was nothing more than a lying, cheating, manipulative girl. The worst part is that it took me 18 yrs to open my eyes to what I was married to. The first betrayal took place less than 3 yrs in to marriage, with a male stripper of all people! God knows how many there were after that, because I didn't know about this one for at least 5 or 6 yrs. The whole time she looked me straight in the eyes and told me I was "the love of her life". Never once did I see a hint of guilt or remorse.
Now that our divorce is final, she's reneged on paying back a loan from my parents, her share is $16,000. She walked away with over $150,000, but still doesn't have the morals to pay my mom, saying she might need it someday.
She's now hooked up with a guy who has money, which does not surprise me at all. She's the most self-centered, egotistical person I've have ever known.
Why is she like this? Because she's pretty. Even though her tits are fake and she's had liposuction. So that body isn't even hers. Of course I was the one who paid for both surgerys. I bought her a Vette, she had all the jewelry she could ever want, and still she cheated and lied to me.
Some day she will get what's coming to her. I can only hope!
I have one wish now.........get married again as soon as possible, because you do not deserve my last name. You never were a R*** and you never will be.
You are nothing more than a pathetic liar! And I hate you!


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