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hopefully a whole lot more people will slime this egotist Ex.

I was with this particular Ex twice over 5 years. We broke up for the 2nd & final time 16 months ago. I broke it off the first time, but he wooed me back & encouraged me to move interstate when he moved, even though we never lived together. Once in the new state he became more distant, even unavailable at times, although we saw each other 1 or 2 times a week, there was NEVER a good time for me to phone him. He would come over for a meal & sex on a Friday night, arriving later & later as he drank longer with buddies after work.

I knew it was cooling off but wasn't quite ready to end it. Then a friend's wedding in the old state came up. The Ex knew both of the couple, and had been fairly good friends with the bride, & I could arrange it so that he could travel & stay with me for free. He had no other specific plans for that weekend but still refused to go. He did offer to drive me to the airport, but guess what happened the Friday night before I was flying off to this wedding with out him? The Friday night drinks never ended. He left his phone in the office (convenient accident?) & finally called me, completely drunk at about 12:30. I should have ended it right there, but let it linger for a few months until he told me (on the phone)he was interested in someone else - how surprising.

Anyway he never got together with that person, nor I believe anyone else since. The Ex and I move in a large circle of friends with the same social interests so we still run into one another frequently. I never dissed him or bitched about the break up to any of them, I stayed away from particular events for months to give us some space - he of course made no adjustments to his social life. It was always very important to him that we would be friends again in the long run, I think so everyone else would think he was such a nice person. I thought we had moved on considerably, and he has not said anything out of line to me for a year.

Until last week. He rang me to ask me to be careful what I said around any new girls coming into the group & be "sensitive" about the fact that I was his Ex. HUH???? Apparantly I once spoke to a girl at a party who he liked & he thinks that stuffed up his chances with her. I couldn't even remember this happening, I never talk about him & I cetainly don't advertise the fact that we used to be together! Still, after all this time, he seems to think I am still responsible for his lovelife!!!!! It is the most delusional thing he has ever suggested, and shows he really is clutching at straws to find some reason why he's still single despite trying so hard to replace me - all of which is nothing to do with me! He also asked me to keep this discussion between him & me so it didn't get "twisted"! As if it isn't twisted enough already!!!

Well, having been so nice about the break-up, I let fly with a whole lot of abuse about this! I told him I refuse to censor myself or behave in any way other than to be my self & I certainly am NOT going to tiptoe around other girls just in case he likes them! What if I like them? I've also told everyone I think would be remotely interested in the story, and hopefully a whole lot more people will slime this egotist Ex.


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