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My ex was treating me terribly for about a month and a half

My ex was treating me terribly for about a month and a half. He was always depressive and I had tried to help him with this in the past so I let it slide for a while. He began going to the movies on his days off "by himself" and not spending time with me hardly at all. He began complaining that I never came down to his house and acting like I was annoying. He would critisize me for tons of dumb little stuff like the way I walked up stairs to my apartment. I was really busy taking three masters classes and teaching full time so I didn't have much time at all. I always made time for him, though and he began critisizing me for that saying that I didn't spend enough time with my friends and that he felt that it all fell on him. I told him that my friends understood how busy I was and that this relationship was a priority for me. That I was willing to make some sacrifices until my semester was over to spend time with him. When I had a week off (which happened very rarely), he didn't come see me once or agree to meet me. I was begging him to take even just a one day vacation and he was extremely resistant and annoyed about it. We hadn't really had sex in a while, which was unusual, and I was wondering what was going on. He was treating me like an annoying kid sister who he hated. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I decided to talk about the way he'd been treating me and how unfair it was for him to take everything out on me. I told him that I understood that if he was sad and wanted to spend time alone that it was okay but that he needed to tell me that instead of grudgingly spending time with me and then treating me so bad the whole time. Things just got worse from there. He stopped calling me altogether. I left a couple of messages telling him that if he needed some time to think about whether he needed time out of this relationship that it was okay but just to let me know rather than not responding at all. I began to get really worried about him. Finally I called his roommate to find out if he was alive. She said she had just seen him the day before. So I felt relieved about that. I left one last message telling him that what he was doing was bullshit and that the most cruel thing you can do to someone is to simply not respond to them. Then I hung up and decided I was free. About 4 or 5 hours later, I received a text message! from him stating that he just needed to be "alone". I laughed, what a coward! A text message. Not a couple of days later, my old roommates saw him holding hands with another girl and walking down the street. Come to find out, he'd been cheating on me for one and a half to two months. We'd been together for three years, he followed me to New York and then followed me to other neighborhoods. He encouraged me to move far away from my neighborhood (where he then had moved to) and wanted me to dye my hair dark brown (his new girlfriend's hair is dark brown). What a total loser psycho. But here I am trying to be strong. I didn't even miss him and was glad that he was out of my life after a couple of days. I mean, who needs a constant depressive around all the time? Until I found out about his new girlfriend and have put together the cheating puzzle. Now I am trying to tame my rage, which is in abundance these days. I feel disrespected, betrayed, made to look like a fool by being a real friend, hateful, stepped on and a big list of other things. What now, I ask?


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