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She was incredibly mean to me and called me all the names you could imagine

I dated my ex for about 2 and half years. We had a great relationship going. We hadn't even fought untill around ten months of being together. This is where issues of jealousy and such came up. Well in all relationships people go through these issues. We had all those small break-ups that lasted a half-hour. Well near the end of our relationship I had bought a business. So I was extremely busy and she was into a new job. She had always been telling me we had things to talk about such as more time for each other. Yet she knew at this time I was very busy and it would be a little bit of time before I could get nestled in correctly and have the time I needed. She had made all these new friends from work and such. Well the exact day my store had been open for a month she broke up with me. After that it was really hard on me, and she did not make it easy at all. Two and half years she threw away and just stop trying because we had grown apart from both of us being busy I guess. The next day after breaking up with me she started hanging out with this guy she worked with the same guy I guess she had and still does to this day a thing for. After we broke up she made me feel like the worst person in the world. She was incredibly mean to me and called me all the names youc ould imagine, and wouldnt ever talk to me unless we were fighting and her telling me everything I did wrong. I was so hurt for the first two months at least. I felt like the worst person that could live. I almost wanted to die, it was so bad. She later apologized but by then I grew hatred and revenge. To this day we still argue and fight and no matter what she said she was sorry but then when we fight she tells me she hates me forever and wasnt really sorry, and I always end up knowing shes right. I still lvoe this girl and even though I am over her in a way, I just hold a place for her in my heart. Of the girlfriends this girl was love and she was what love was and is. Yet, why do people who we love hurt us the most.


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