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So girls Do not give everything, to avoid being taken for a ride

The ride of my life/ a huge deciet

I met this guy two years ago at a friends party, thought he was cute, i thought about for couple of weeks but never met him again. Untill eaght months ago, when he walked in my class at university. I thought wow! but i was interested anymore, as i had the hots for my colleauge at work.

But after couple of weeks we became friends, and he was getting flirty with me. I had bad month at work as the guy i liked, was actually getting married which crushed me. So one day in January i got a text from him, and he jokingly asked me out. We went for dinner and while i was still thinking about the guy at work.

but after couple of week of doubting and resisting him, i started to have feelings. Because he treated me so well, bear in mind is the first guy i ever had sex with. After 5 months of ups and down, mainly due to our different peersonalities, he started wondering.

One sunny day after i finished work i went to his house, even cancelling my friend's plans. He said he was going to buy something, and i saw his phone which he never leaves. He had always deleted texts, but this i saw a text he sent and another one. A text to his Girlfriend saying: Hey you special. Hope you are doing well, what are you upto?

This broke, and i confronted him, he was so defensive and told me he dumped her for me, and was never intersted her in that way again. But i put two toghther, he is texting her, he kept pictures and during the confrontation he did mention what feelings he had for or whether he loved, although he always said that i was the love of his life!!!.

I left him in his house while he was pleading his inoccense, but i figured i do not need to have complexities at this day and age, i am 22 and grow to love myself, it me along time and i am not going to let someone create insedcurities and jealeousy in me.

He was provacative and was texting me things such as If you want me to leave you alone just and said LKEAVE ME ALONE.

He did, which showed he did not mean all the things he said and promised.

So for the first time, i was crushed after so many years of building a bridge between me and the opposite sex, holding onto my femiist ideas. and being total tomboy: So girls Do not give everything, to avoid being taken for a ride.


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