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three months after that they got married, and they now have a baby on the way

My ex-fiance and I were together for 2 years, where we lived in Texas for one year, and Georgia for just over one year. I moved out of state to be with him, we were suppose to get married, and almost had a child together. I left him because of jelousey and posessiveness issues (that he had) and because I missed my family and friends in Texas. Less than one week after I left him in Georgia, he went the my former place of employment and asked a friend of mine out.... she accepted (some friend, huh?). At the same time he is calling me on a daily basis, begging me to come back to him. After I scheduled time off of work from my new job, I booked a flight to Georgia and was going to leave that Friday; when he suddenly stopped calling. I finally got a hold of his best-friends mother, who informed me that he had proposed to this girl who we'll call "johnny"... my friend from work. Less than three months after I left my fiance of 2 years he was engaged to my friend, three months after that they got married, and they now have a baby on the way. The really sad thing is, that it's been almost a year and a half, I have a new boyfriend, and I still miss and want my ex back.... I still have dreams about him, and I still wonder if I'll ever get a chance to make things right. I guess I'll always love him.


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