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I was only with him 2 years but I have over 1,000 memories that I 've shared with him.

I still love him thats why this is pretty nasty because my heart is playing games with me. I am really scared. I've never cared this much about someone 2 months later and I still wake up crying for this guy. I yelled at him when he was stressed out and he broke up with me cause he was in a hole financially or so he says :( I guess i believe him. This is what he sent to me in a text after i got off the plane when i had to go back to MI. I am sorry (thats wheremy name was) I didn't know what else to do I hope you are not mad at me, I do care about you and I know you cared about me, I want whats best for us both. I hate him for leaving me but I dont understand that if he wants to let me go then why did he sent all my stuff back except for MY photo album, MY memory box, my stuffed animals, and my polaroid camera. Ive been getting on them to send my stuff back so i can move on. He also kept my diary which is weird. All I know is at times i hate him but I still dream about him , he was my first love. He was my best friend I was only with him 2 years but I have over 1,000 memories that I 've shared with him. I have about 20 bad memories and 1,000 good (yes it includes some things but nvm) But i did lose my job cause i had to move for him and I lost my apartment that we shared, I am still loving him and crying though. I will always remember him the end


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