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He Date Raped Me

I went out with this guy who 6 years older then me and i thought really mature and ready to start his life. Well thats what he lead me to believe. Well at the beginning of our relationship he treated me like his queen and worshiped me. However i went on vacation and when i returned he still treated me great but while i was gone quit 1 of his job's and became a bum. Then he went back to one of his jobs the worst one as a bartender.

then everything went back to being great then one night i couldnt find him when i found him he gave me that same stupid shitty story of how he loves me but doesnt want to date anymore. however he was totally in love with me and had issues in his life so he said and that in a couple months we could start this back up. i was like if i leave this car im never going to go back out we would just go out as friends.

However 2 weeks later i saw him at a bar we both use to go to. and he wouldnt even talk to me so i drank and not knowing anything and just being pissed at him for not talking that night drank heavily.

Well after that night i found out i had a miscarriage of his kid. hell i never even knew we did it cause he always got me drunk when we went out. hes such a jerk he must of did it when i was wasted. what a jerk i will never forgive him.


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