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before he could do anything I hit him 3 times in the face and knocked him down.....Ha!

I met a guy online...We had starte corresponding while he was in Iraq. We started chatting NON-stop when he returned...I'm talking 6 hours was our first conversation. Our conversations were always several hours long. I knew I loved him even before we met. He actually told me that he loved me before he'd ever seen me. Anyhow, he came to see me for a few days when he went on leave. We had been talking for 10 days at that point. The moment I saw him, I knew he was the one for me. We had so much fun together for those first few days. He left after 3 days and then came back 2 weeks later for a week. He proposed to me....We went and picked out rings. He had given me a claddagh ring when he initially proposed, which I thought was so sweet. We spent our engagement night out at a secluded cabin...hot tub, thunderstorm and lightning and the whole 9 yards. Those days were awesome. He came back to visit another time for a few days. I went to see him for 2 days about 2 weeks later. I knew something was up cuz he wasn't the "same". He assured me things were okay. I had tried to break up with him when I found a whole huge box full of women's gifts and lingerie, in all sizes mind you, but he insisted it didn't mean anything...yeah right. Anyhow, he was supposed to go to a party and didn't call me for 2 days...so, I got off of work and drove to where he was (four hours away) and caught him coming back from a hotel where he'd been with another woman...I surprised him enough that he was freaked out and jumped out at me from the vehicle and before he could do anything I hit him 3 times in the face and knocked him down.....Ha! He said that he had been cheating but then he tried to change his story and then back again....I found out later that he'd given lingerie not only to me, but to other women, that he'd been engaged like 6 times and had given each woman the same type of claddagh he'd given me. What a loser!


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