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He was as sweet as could be, I did his laundry, cleaned his house, I was perfectly happy

I was 15 and he had just turned 21, I had met him through my sister and her fiance'(how nice of them). He was as sweet as could be, I did his laundry, cleaned his house, I was perfectly happy. He had fit the decription of my dream guy, he was perfect. About 3 monthes into our relationship he it had finally sank in that he was 21, he started going out to bars every night, doing illegal drugz, and he would come home and be a complete ass. He would yell at me and scream at me telling me that I was a worthless bitch, and we would get into physical fights (pushing, shoving, etc.). After about a year of it continusely getting worse day by day I would sit there and cry to my-self for hours on end, He said I was so dumb and I was a worthless bitch, ugly, fat, (by the way i'm a model) and how nobody would ever want me. So I found it extremely hard for me to break up with him. 2 monthes later I met a girl who made me realize he was wrong, I decided I needed to get away from him and the whole scene. I tried to break up with him numerous times and he would tell me that I didn't love him, that I never did how nobody would ever want him, all he tried to do was make me happy, he would say he bent over backward to treat me like gold. He tried to commit sucide, so I would go back to him every time he would say he was considering it, or even thinking about it. After about a year and a half of that, I finally got over it and Left him, leaving him was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I broke up with him never talking to him again, the last words he said to me was i want to die. That was about 3 monthes ago and to this day I can still say that I honestly love him, even though he put me through more heart-ache than one person ever needs to go through.


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