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I hung out at his house with his friends and drank and partied and it was a great time

When I was 16 I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 6 months who I had deeply cared for and loved, and he was my first everything, kiss, oral, but when we tried to have sex it never worked out. He was always too "nervous" if yuo know what I mean. So I was still a virgin. Well a month later at a party I hooked up with this guy and we made out and touched and stuff, but we were drunk, so it meant nothing. Well we added each other on msn and talked and got to know each other fairly well and he invited me to stay the night at his house one weekend when his parents were away. So I took him up on it.

I hung out at his house with his friends and drank and partied and it was a great time. He was soo nice, holding my hand, kissing me all the time, being all tender and touching me all the time. When I told him that I was a virgin it wasn't that big a deal, even though he was VERY experienced. We fooled around and that was that, until later that night we decided to have sex. The next morning we did it again and then everything changed. He started to ignore me. He wasn't touching me at all. He never talked to me. It was like I didn't matter to him.

Later that night we went to a party, and I was really depressed and got drunk. And I started Crying. I cried to all his friends and told them that I had slept with him and that I wished I hadn't. It was horrible. Than all his friends got mad at him and he left.

I then found out later that he laughed about the fact I was a virgin and that he told everyone he didn't know I was a virgin until we started having sex, which I know is a lie.
I feel odd, and don't know who to believe. I have no way of contacting him. And wish someone would tell me the truth.
Everyone just says he is a dick and that they warned me. And that is what he does. Well its too alte now.


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