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Don't have a friend with benefits

Although i am no longer in schoool, i am 22 years old, I have a Very good story for ya'll, This is to remind you guys and gals that a fk buddy is not the way to go!!! I seen this really attractive guy standing out side, and i went up to him, and gave him my phone number, the night night, we went out, had sex, and have been friends with benefits since then, which has been about seven months now, and i have totally gotten confused. I think he is confused also! Because we can't distunigsh rather we are in a relationship or not. I'll see other people, and he will say i cheated on him, but then will say things to me like we are just friends, And he will go to strip clubs, which really makes me mad, Anyways, i think the reason im writting my story is to say to ya'll,,,Don't have a friend with benefits, it is to confusing, I've ended up falling in love with this man, and still have no clue where i stand in his life, So please, continue with your serious relationships, please, and good luck to you all~~~~~


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