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oh and he gave me an early wedding present too...i have herpes

okay well i met this great guy at my new job. he seemed really cool and he was HOTT. so i got to know him really well and he was sooooooo sweet to me. so eventually i confessed to him how much i liked him and he said he felt the same way and he kissed me.
so we continued to date for 2 years and we were in love. well i was in love...
so one day i picked up the phone to call someone (we were living together at this point) and i overheard him talking to some other woman i thought the voice was familiar but i ignored it.
well the next day he proposed to me i ofcourse i said yes. so we had made wedding plans and a month before our wedding date i got a call from the hospital saying that my fiance had herpes...and he didnt get them from me. so as it turned out he had not only been cheating but he had another family with kids. he had tried to explain to me that he was just getting out of a bad realationship with his wife or girlfriend (whatever she was) but acording to her he had apparently been on alot of buissness trips for the past 3 years...
so now here i am all alone and confused crying all the time remembering what a fool i have been...guys suck.

oh and he gave me an early wedding present too...i have herpes.


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