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Breaking up with him was the hardest, but best thing i've ever done for myself.

Ok... the ex. Well, he was 23 and I was 20. I met him right after he got out of jail (i know, red flag right there) but he treated me great, which was more than I could say for any other guy I was "better" himself, and I thought that I could help him along is bath to becoming a better person. He was great at first. He'd take me out, and always treated me great. Then he got laid off for the winter cuz he worked at a window cleaning company, so he sat on his butt all winter playing play station and gaining weight! I would work a 9 hour day, and then come home to clean, make dinner, do laundry... it just got tiring since he was home all day he could have done at least a little to help me handle the heavy load I was trying to mannage all by myself. Whenever I brought it up, he'd cry, say he couldn't lose me, and that he'd get better. It got worse. He started dealing drugs again, and when I got angry he said "it's for you baby. I want to take you out and give you nice things, and i have to have money to do that" then get a job!!! I finally broke it off for good, and then he just got mad. Told me I was worthless and needed to come get all my stuff because he never wanted to remember me. I gave him everything, and he just kept taking and taking, but at some point, there's no more I can give. I learned that I need to be true to myself, and that I can't live my life for other people. I was so scared to break up with him, because I thought he needed me so much, but I was living unhappily for so long that it wasn't fair to me, and it wasn't fair to him either. Breaking up with him was the hardest, but best thing i've ever done for myself.


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