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Don't trust just anyone

i met this boy at school and i had liked him since the day met him.. which was like in 3rd grade! but i never got to really talk to him until 8th grade. that was when i started to change a lot and he finally noticed me. so we started going out and we hung out a lot and after a few months of going out we started going further than kissing... yall know what i'm talking about. ;)

after a little over a year we broke up. just cuz of rumers and dumb things. then after we talked about it and got thru it we figured we would take a break.

so that summer i was still hurt really bad cuz i missed being with him so much. but we still talked and were great friends.

but i guess we were both so used to being with someone that we couldnt stand it. so i started making out with other guys.. and all the girls thought i was a slut so i lost a lot of friends, but i wasnt worried about that. all i cared was that i had someone to mess around with.

but while i was doing my thing with guys, he was doing his thing with girls. then we both found out about each other and of course we were mad.
so we fought and argued a lot but we always got over it. and me being the gullible blonde that i am believed him when he told me that he loved me. i couldnt believe it that someone cared about me that much...or at least i thought.

now after i see what all ive gone thru. i know that he only said he loved me cuz he thought we was.. and i thought i was too.. but we were only 15 and had no idea.

i cant say that it didnt hurt me.. it still hurts to this day. so girls, watch out. and dont trust just anyone.


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