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So now I'm stuck with a crazy boyfriend because he really making me stay and he wont let me be with anyone else

I met this guy over five years ago. At frist we did not talk like gf and bf, we just had crushes on each other. Then the day came we started to talk and that was the worst mistake of of my life. We didn't go together or anything we were just real close and with benifits. A month had past after we stopped talking but he would still imply that we talk, so me thinking nothing of it said ok but we both knew that it was only a freak thing! So I stopped talking to him and started a new relationship with another guy but, as soon as he found out that I was with him he did his best to break us up and he did. After this we got a understanding that he was not my boyfriend and was not his girlfriend. Then I tried it for the second time and this time the relationship lasted for 3&1/2 years but here he comes to break it up. yeah he broke that one up too. This time I was really pissed of and he couldn't have a care in the world. Every time I asked him why he does the things he does, he just brushes it off his shoulder and does it over and over. But this time he went way over the limit and he broke me and romeo up. See it all started off when my Romeo came to visit me and he saw him. He talked to my Romeo as if to make friends so they started hanging out and then he started telling my Romeo that I was a hoe and he could fuck me anytime he wanted to. When in reality I have not did that with him since January. Later that week him and his brother got into an argumeent (NOT MY ROMEO AND HIS BROTHER) and his brother told my romeo the only reason he was hanging out with him is so he can get closer to me because he still likes me and wants to break us up. And I knew he was going to try something I told my Romeo before his brother told him anything but he didn't believe me now were broke up and it dont look like were geting back together. So now I'm stuck with a crazy boyfriend because he really making me stay and he wont let me be with anyone else.


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