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The night before,my ex and her roomate invited some of the BAND to come over to there appartment and party with them...a dream come true!

My most beautiful love slept with a rockstar which happened to be a part of my most FAVORITE Rock band in the whole world...
We met in high school,grew attatched,in love,and best of friends.This girl was amazing,she looked like angelina jolie,and had the hottest smile,dimples and green big eyes. She admired me and looked up to me for wisdom and I looked to her for friendship and compassion. We shared everything together including family time in Vegas,camping,and endless nights of smokin weed and listening to music and concerts. I introduced her to punk and my most favorite band and she totally dug them as much as I... if u could believe that! It was like the music and the band was now a part of us.Im a rock drummer and Im looking for my shot to get some connections and 2 become a rockstar myself. So,After a couple of years of dating,drugs,fighting,and finally a hard break-up...the next time our favorite BAND came to town for a concert,we both ended up in the front row, seperated by dancing,kicking,screaming fans. She wouldnt even look or talk to me that nite, she was fixed on the rockstars,one in particular.I went to that concert alone,and rode the city bus home afterwards thinking about how fun that was and thinking about the songs we used to sing together and how much I loved this women still. The next day, a call from my friend unraveled my most jelous and dark fears and insecurities in me. The night before,my ex and her roomate invited some of the BAND to come over to there appartment and party with them...a dream come true!!!! One thing lead to another,and mixed with alcohol and weed and who knows what else, she screwed the bassist and her friend the guitarist...
I never have again ever listen to that band.I assume Everytime I would, I would think of that night,feelings,and sadness...and how I wish I was invited to the party,how I wish I hadnt been forgotten and left out,and how I wish I could have met my idols, and more than ANYTHING, how I wish she wouldn't have been such a groupie and hurt herself and I by giving herself to that guy that evening. I love her a lot and hope the best for her.I sometimes dream of meeting her in another life, I also still pray to Jesus that he would restore our broken friendship and somehow bring glory to himself through us...a goal Ive had forever.


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