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I met my boy 5 years before we started dating

I met my boy 5 years before we started dating. We were friends but had a mutual "more than friends" attraction for quite a while. He had a girldfriend of 4 years so i assumed he was "off limits". That was until he broke up with his girlfriend and asked we out that same night. Me being naive and in 'love' was overjoyed and said yes!!! After 4 glorious months of dating, things turned sour as his ex came back on the scene. I found out that he had been seeing her behind my back and she had been pressuring him to get back with her. I knew something was wrong when he would talk to her on his mobile phone while i was in bed beside him! Soon the lies began and yet he remained adament that he was in love with me and would never hurt me or go back to his ex. After perhaps the most passionate night we shared together, he broke it off with me- leaving me lost and confused. His reason was that I was too good for him, and yet the very next day he was back with his ex. At the time it seemed so out of the blue- how could we go from perfection to appart in a matter of days? Now I know that nothing is perfect and that a heart needs time to heal after a break up. My boyfriend had not dealt with losing his ex and hence was not in the right fame of mind to start a reciporacle relationship with me. Now I know and won't get involved with someone who is still unsure of who they are themselves.


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