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His current girlfriend is my ex best friend.

It's been 1 month and 2 weeks since me and my ex-boy firend brocked up. The rea son we brocked up was because he told me that he didn't love me anymore. So we decided to saty frineds. But i just don't know what to do. Because i still olve him alot.And he knows that i still love him. His current girlfrind is my ex best friend. I say that she is my ex best friend because we don't atlk and it's all because of a stupid reason. What happended was that me and my ex were talking like always and messing arround, she was okay with us messing arround becuase she knew that we never did anything we would mostly play fight, so we were paly fighting like always nad we ended up at the schools parking lot. And i had my back to him he was holding me putting preashure arround my stomac. and he best friend said that she saw ma and him making out. But we really weren't. So me and my ex knew that she would tell my ex best friend. So he told me that he would talk to her and tell her that it wasn't true. And he also told me to try to talk to he. So i did. So the next day he talked to he, and since i have her in my 1st period i tryed talking to her but she just keep ignoring me. So i told him adn he was like yeah she doesn't really like you anymore. So i told him well you say that i tryed to stay her friend but she just doesn't want to anymore. So now me and her don't talk. And i still love him.
I tell him that i truly love him. And i know that deep inside him he still loves me. Because sometimes he still brings things up about our realtionship we had. So i thnk he still love me. And my "brother" has asked him before if there is a chance for me and him going back out. And he sais yes.So i don't know what to do. Because he brocked my heart but throught it all i still love him ALOT! And when he has a proble he always seems to come to me for help or advice. So i just don't know what to do. And since then i haven't really been trusting my friends as well. So yeah...thats preatty much my story.


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