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but a while later i found out that @ asked out another girl from his school

so this is how my story goes. at the beginning of 8th grade, i was friends with this girl, *. * is the biggest bitch ive ever met in my life, and everybody knew how mean she was, but for some reason, we all kept putting up with her s**t and stayed friends with her. one day my friend * introduced me to this guy, also in 8th grade. this guy @ went to a different school than we did. however ever since that day i met him, i was in love with him. a few days after we had met, there was a party. we were both there and we flirted like hell but nothing happened. but a while later i found out that @ asked out another girl from his school, even tho he had told me he liked me, so i was p***ed. i liked him for 7 months before he dumped her. the whole time he was going out with that girl he wanted to cheat on her with me and i felt so bad cuz i knew about it but i didnt tell anyone. but even tho i was crazily in love with him i never did anything with him when they went out. so after he dumped her, i was at a party and so was he. we both liked eachother and we made out and then he asked me out so i said yes. we were going out for about 2 and a half months, and then he dumped me. i was so heartbroken cuz i loved him and he had told me he loved me and i didnt see where it went wrong. so a few weeks later he told me that he missed me and he wanted me back, so he came over to my house one night and some things went down in my room. by then we were going out again and i was so happy. but then again a few weeks later he dumped me. again i was devastated. and then i found out from my friends that he had cheated on me with * while we were going out, more than once. and the whole time he was going out with me he liked her and wanted her. by the time we had broken up she wasnt my friend anymore and i hated her. now i hate her even more. and when i called him to ask him if it was true, he lied to me, and * lied to me about it too. i was so hurt and sad i felt like dying. for so long i would just sit and cry over him, and even now i do. to know that he fed me a whole bunch of bulls**t that he didnt even feel made me so sad. and now we talk and i still love him so much and he knows that and he says he wishes he could take it back cuz he still loves me too but i dont know whether to believe him and it just all hurts so so so much!!! i dont know what to do but i know we wont get back together because he doesnt want to hurt me again.


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