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He Lied

This was a long distance relationship but still me and my ex considered it a good relationship even though we couldnt see each other in person because were both very young.Anyways we would talk basically every night on the telephone and we would write letters send presents and video tapes and use web cam, we had so much in common we could finish each others thought and sentences everything was so great.We were dating for nine months and then all of a sudden he stopped talking to me as much and stopped emailing me and he just kinda changed well on the day we broke up he said im great and he loves me and everything but he needs space and he needs time to think about stuff.I understand maybe not too well at first but than i gave him time about 2 weeks later he started talking to me again and well we talked on the phone that night we starting talking again and we had a very intimate convo and etc and that contuined on for about 2 weeks and something seemed dif tho like he stopped callin me sweet names and just acted dif well i got a hold of one of his friends and talked to her and she told me he was dating a new girl .And that whole time during them 2 weeks i always asked him if he liked some one else he would always say no i cant picture me with anyone else then you and also rite now i dont have time for a bf gf kind of relationship with anyone so he lied to me ,we had a arguement he said he lied so i wouldnt get hurt he said he was gonna evuantaully tell me about that other girl and then 2 days later he says he cant be my friend etc and then well 2 weeks after that he goes i want to be ur friend i just said all that cuz i knew i would fall for u all over again and dump my gf but now that wont happen cuz i love her and he said he was a ass to me n purpose we still talk here and there and recently told me that he still has lots of romantic feelings for me.


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